mONsTer pODs

Since taking a pod class with Andrea Graham last winter, I have been thinking about how I can create pods that “are my own”.  Well this summer, a monster pod came to be and I have gone crazy making them!!!  The first ones are made of Fin or C1 wool.  I love these wools for their solid, strong felting ability.  I often think of a cartoon character, and then the little mONsTers start to take on their own characteristics.

As I work on refining my skills, I was fortunate to work with Andrea again this fall, where she gave me some more ideas on how to improve my mONsTers.  These ones are made with Merino Strata Batts from New England Felting.  They really are starting to take on a new look and attitude – especially Pepe!!!!

I am truly enjoying making these little characters.  Check out all the individual images under the Portfolio link.

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