2014 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!  I hope that 2014 will be creative, joyous and successful for all. I am looking forward to having an creative year.

Although I did not succeed at blogging in 2013 very well, I must say it was a very successful creative year for me.  In the summer I had the pleasure of going out to Tracey’s farm and taking a workshop with Charlotte Buch and Hillevi Huse.  These two ladies are wonderful artists.  With Charlotte we made dresses, wraps and scarfs.  With Hillevi, we made very unique and creative hats.  It was a fun 10 days.

In August I went back to Tracey’s to have some time to just work for a week and be creative.  Tracey had been encouraging me to have a sale for a few years now, and I finally decided to take the plung.  I worked all week at her house creating various items that I felt would be good sellers.  I then came home and worked for the next few months creating.  It was a real challenge for me to say “no” to alot of things as well as stay focused on creating.  Well on December 1st I had my first Christmas Couture sale.  It was very successful and I was very pleased.


Christmas came, and we enjoyed time with our family, and my brothers extended family from France.  A few days after Christmas a new addition arrived at our house.  Meet Lili!  We had to put our loved Rio down this summer.  I was devastated.  So now we have little Lili to enjoy and cause havic in the house!  It will be a challenge for me to be creative now!!

Happy New Year!

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