Will Spring Ever Come?

Well this has been one LONG winter!  I thought by jetting off to Mexico in early February would help cut the winter down.  However upon return we have just continued to be dumped with more and more and yes MORE snow.  I think we are now at a record snow fall.  Our snow banks are over 6 feet tall and I can no long see the street out my front window.  This was the snow bank in our backyard last week.  It has now grown another foot or two.

Snow banks in back yard

Snow banks in back yard

With all this snow, I have started to work in my studio.  I have 5 of 6 new small artworks done.  I am also working on some pieces for a few upcoming exhibitions.  However I can’t show you images of those until they are either accepted or declined.  In the mean time, here is one of the pieces from my series “Amalgamations”.

Amalgamations #1

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