Sneak Peak!

I have always admired the art of felter Chad Alice Hagen.  Her resist dyeing is something magical.  I have wanted to take a workshop with her for awhile now, however funds and travel distance just hasn’t made it possible.  So instead I have studied her images, and played with the resist dyeing technique that she is known for.

At first I wasn’t that pleased with my results.  But then I pulled them back out and started putting them together as little collages. Still something wasn’t quite right.  I then found a bag of stamped metal pieces that my friend and artist Megan Hazel gave me.  These are just the perfect little embellishments I was looking for to go with the felt.  Metal from the hardware store also works great!

The next dilemma, how to finish the pieces.  Again brainstorming with a friend – Martha, I am auditioning fabric for the backgrounds.  I will then quilt these – yes quilt!!  I have gone back to where I originally started in the fibre arts!!  They will then be mounted on canvas.  Stay tuned for the finish pieces, but for now, you get a Sneak Peak of where one of them is at!!!

Auditioning fabric, not finished!

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2 Responses to Sneak Peak!

  1. Barbara Delaney says:

    Hi Cindy,
    Love your work! I have been trying to reach you via your contact page. Can you please contact me via email today?
    Thank you.
    Barb Delaney
    Assistant Editor
    Cloth Paper Scissors

    • Cindy says:


      Although I was late in meeting your deadline, as I was away on vacation, I did try to reply to you, but it just bounced back. Thank you for trying to contact me for the discussion. Maybe another time.


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