Well it has been awhile since I have posted to my blog.  Although I haven’t posted, I have been busy felting away learning and creating.  Every year I try and take some kind of workshop or retreat to learn new techniques, refine old ones and re-energize.  This year my friend Tracey asked me to go with her to the Creative Felt Gathering just outside of Detroit, Michegan.

Creative Felt Gathering 2012

Well it was quite the adventure.  We arrived in Detroit, and managed to meet up with another friend Donna.  The three of us flagged down a cab to take us to our retreat.  Although we knew this place was approximately 1 hour away, and sort of west, we really didn’t know where we were going.  Well nor did the cabbie!!!  And nor did he have a GPS! Not sure how you manage to drive cab in a city like Detroit without a GPS.  So he was relying on us to look it up on our phones.  Well thanks to hubby to save the day.  I texted him to say where we were, and he was looking it up and texting back directions.  Back and forth went directions until we arrived at our destination – A Lithuanian Camp for kids!!

The setting was quaint, beautiful and peaceful.  Although the accommodation was a bit rustic, the hospitality and friendship made up for it.  We were served 3 meals a day and drank wine at night!!  I met some new friends and some old ones!  We felted all day, and laughed all night!

I learnt a lot of new stuff, and I am re-energized to work and put these learnings into my art.  I will keep you posted on new stuff….I promise!!!

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