It’s been awhile!

Well I must say I thought I would be doing a better job of posting on my blog.  However life seems to of gotten in the way.  I love having my iPhone, and find that I can do so much on it that I am rarely on my computer.  Another reason why I haven’t blogged for awhile.

Although it seems I have been quite, I have actually been working a fair bit.  I am trying to challenge myself a bit more in my felting.  One of the items I thought would be fun to try, is making an article of clothing.  Last summer my girlfriend in BC asked me to help her create a vest.  I really had no idea how to go about it, but we plugged along and after several days she had a beautiful vest.  Well I thought I would attempt this myself this time.  I used some beautiful fine merino white wool, along with some silk organza pieces. I also incorporated some hand spun lambs wool my mom had given me.  Once it was all felted I then tossed it into a dye bath of turquoise and blue.  The final touch, a beautiful hand made wooden button!

Blue vest merino wool

This is available for sale at Traditions Handcraft Gallery in Regina.  I will be at the gallery on May 26 during the Cathedral Arts Festival.


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