Happy New Year!

Well the New Year has come upon us!  I am not one to create resolutions for the new year.  I would rather reflect on the things I have done or not done over the past year and try and make some changes.  2012 was a good year for me creatively.  I am starting to see some of the lessons that I learnt during my mentorship program the prior year, come to life. I spent a lot more time in my studio this year perfecting (well not sure I will ever be perfect) my craft.

In the late summer I attended a workshop down in Detroit that really changed a lot for me.  I was inspired and sparked to create new creatures, vessels and hats. My friend has been encouraging me for about a year now to have a sale out of my home.  This brings huge anxiety to me although I would really like to do it.  Maybe this will be the year!

I had some lady friends into my studio this winter, and was able to show off my work and studio.  This was encouraging, so perhaps the sale will happen!

I have also had some good success with sales through Traditions this year.  As well Lifestyles by Darrell Bell contacted me to carry some of my work in their new gallery store.  Reflecting on these successes gives me encouragement to continue to work.

I realize that I have neglected blogging and marketing my art.  This is one thing I would like to work at doing a better job of in 2013.  As I continue to find creative time, I hope I will find time to inform all the people that have supported me over the past year(s) of what I’m up to.

Happy New Year and may you find some creative time this year!!!!


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