A bit of a deviation….

I love to doodle!!  My notebook at work is usually full of doodles along with notes from my meetings.  I stumbled across this free online workshop with Traci Bautisa.  She is an amazing mixed media artists.  Well at least I think she is!!  There are four weeks of lessons.  At the beginning of the week she uploads a video about the technique, and then you spend the rest of the week playing!!!  Here are two of my doodles from Lesson 1.

Doodle 1

This is my first doodle from Lesson 1







Doodle 2

This is my second doodle from Lesson 1

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2 Responses to A bit of a deviation….

  1. Judy Morningstar says:

    Wow Cindy-O! They look like quilts! Are they fabric or what?

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