Tying to stay warm….

Well it has been increditably cold here these past few months.  Today is the coldest day all year, -50C.  But its a good day to stay inside and work on some art.  -50 in Regina

I have several things on the go.  Although I feel a bit overwhelmed with all of the exciting things happening, it brings me joy to know that my art is starting to be recognized.

Next weekend I will be part of the Sask Craft Council annual jurying session.  Along with Anna Hergert, we will be jurying two artists to see if they meet the qualifications to become a SCC juried member.  I am honoured just to be asked!!!

For the month of April I will have an exhibition at the Last Mountain Lake Center in Regina Beach as part of the Year Round Showcase series.  I am creating several small “Little Sprouts” 3D sculptures for this show.  They will be bright, fun whimsicle pieces.  Enjoying the process of creating them.

I will also be teaching a scarf workshop April 11-12 at the Center. See the Events section to sign up.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and showing them the wonderful options you can create with felt.

The final news I have is, I have been asked to collaborate with a Sask. fashion designer.  She is putting together a piece for the Mackenzie Art in Bloom, as well as she will be showing it at the Saskatchewan Fashion Week. I am super pumped about this, yet really nervous.  I hope I full fill her expectations.  More on this to come…..


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2014 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!  I hope that 2014 will be creative, joyous and successful for all. I am looking forward to having an creative year.

Although I did not succeed at blogging in 2013 very well, I must say it was a very successful creative year for me.  In the summer I had the pleasure of going out to Tracey’s farm and taking a workshop with Charlotte Buch and Hillevi Huse.  These two ladies are wonderful artists.  With Charlotte we made dresses, wraps and scarfs.  With Hillevi, we made very unique and creative hats.  It was a fun 10 days.

In August I went back to Tracey’s to have some time to just work for a week and be creative.  Tracey had been encouraging me to have a sale for a few years now, and I finally decided to take the plung.  I worked all week at her house creating various items that I felt would be good sellers.  I then came home and worked for the next few months creating.  It was a real challenge for me to say “no” to alot of things as well as stay focused on creating.  Well on December 1st I had my first Christmas Couture sale.  It was very successful and I was very pleased.


Christmas came, and we enjoyed time with our family, and my brothers extended family from France.  A few days after Christmas a new addition arrived at our house.  Meet Lili!  We had to put our loved Rio down this summer.  I was devastated.  So now we have little Lili to enjoy and cause havic in the house!  It will be a challenge for me to be creative now!!

Happy New Year!

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In Progress

I thought I would give you an little insight into the process of my art.  I had been inspired by an image of a sea creature and decided I would like to try and make a sculpture for the upcoming Dimensions 2013 exhibition.  One of the things that I learnt during my mentorship was to make a small prototype first.  This is one way to figure out colors and  techniques.

This is the prototype.  See the size difference once felted.

This is the prototype. See the size difference once felted.

I knew with the shibori technique that I was going to use, I would have to start out rather large.  Good thing I did the prototype, I realized just how much larger I needed to make my resist.

I increased the resist size.  Laying out the wool.

I increased the resist size. Laying out the wool.

So I begin the actual piece.  Laying out the wool fibres around a resist and getting it to a prefelt stage.  I then let it dry, cut an opening and remove the resist.

This is a shot of the shibori technique.

This is a shot of the shibori technique.

Then the process of creating the “craters” from doing a shibori technique.  This takes hours putting the over 75 resists to create the effect.  Then the felting process begins!!  Once the piece is felted strong, I then cut open the craters and continue to full and shape the piece.  The end result, is on my home page!!!!


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Will Spring Ever Come?

Well this has been one LONG winter!  I thought by jetting off to Mexico in early February would help cut the winter down.  However upon return we have just continued to be dumped with more and more and yes MORE snow.  I think we are now at a record snow fall.  Our snow banks are over 6 feet tall and I can no long see the street out my front window.  This was the snow bank in our backyard last week.  It has now grown another foot or two.

Snow banks in back yard

Snow banks in back yard

With all this snow, I have started to work in my studio.  I have 5 of 6 new small artworks done.  I am also working on some pieces for a few upcoming exhibitions.  However I can’t show you images of those until they are either accepted or declined.  In the mean time, here is one of the pieces from my series “Amalgamations”.

Amalgamations #1

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Sneak Peak!

I have always admired the art of felter Chad Alice Hagen.  Her resist dyeing is something magical.  I have wanted to take a workshop with her for awhile now, however funds and travel distance just hasn’t made it possible.  So instead I have studied her images, and played with the resist dyeing technique that she is known for.

At first I wasn’t that pleased with my results.  But then I pulled them back out and started putting them together as little collages. Still something wasn’t quite right.  I then found a bag of stamped metal pieces that my friend and artist Megan Hazel gave me.  These are just the perfect little embellishments I was looking for to go with the felt.  Metal from the hardware store also works great!

The next dilemma, how to finish the pieces.  Again brainstorming with a friend – Martha, I am auditioning fabric for the backgrounds.  I will then quilt these – yes quilt!!  I have gone back to where I originally started in the fibre arts!!  They will then be mounted on canvas.  Stay tuned for the finish pieces, but for now, you get a Sneak Peak of where one of them is at!!!

Auditioning fabric, not finished!

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Happy New Year!

Well the New Year has come upon us!  I am not one to create resolutions for the new year.  I would rather reflect on the things I have done or not done over the past year and try and make some changes.  2012 was a good year for me creatively.  I am starting to see some of the lessons that I learnt during my mentorship program the prior year, come to life. I spent a lot more time in my studio this year perfecting (well not sure I will ever be perfect) my craft.

In the late summer I attended a workshop down in Detroit that really changed a lot for me.  I was inspired and sparked to create new creatures, vessels and hats. My friend has been encouraging me for about a year now to have a sale out of my home.  This brings huge anxiety to me although I would really like to do it.  Maybe this will be the year!

I had some lady friends into my studio this winter, and was able to show off my work and studio.  This was encouraging, so perhaps the sale will happen!

I have also had some good success with sales through Traditions this year.  As well Lifestyles by Darrell Bell contacted me to carry some of my work in their new gallery store.  Reflecting on these successes gives me encouragement to continue to work.

I realize that I have neglected blogging and marketing my art.  This is one thing I would like to work at doing a better job of in 2013.  As I continue to find creative time, I hope I will find time to inform all the people that have supported me over the past year(s) of what I’m up to.

Happy New Year and may you find some creative time this year!!!!


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mONsTer pODs

Since taking a pod class with Andrea Graham last winter, I have been thinking about how I can create pods that “are my own”.  Well this summer, a monster pod came to be and I have gone crazy making them!!!  The first ones are made of Fin or C1 wool.  I love these wools for their solid, strong felting ability.  I often think of a cartoon character, and then the little mONsTers start to take on their own characteristics.

As I work on refining my skills, I was fortunate to work with Andrea again this fall, where she gave me some more ideas on how to improve my mONsTers.  These ones are made with Merino Strata Batts from New England Felting.  They really are starting to take on a new look and attitude – especially Pepe!!!!

I am truly enjoying making these little characters.  Check out all the individual images under the Portfolio link.

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Well it has been awhile since I have posted to my blog.  Although I haven’t posted, I have been busy felting away learning and creating.  Every year I try and take some kind of workshop or retreat to learn new techniques, refine old ones and re-energize.  This year my friend Tracey asked me to go with her to the Creative Felt Gathering just outside of Detroit, Michegan.

Creative Felt Gathering 2012

Well it was quite the adventure.  We arrived in Detroit, and managed to meet up with another friend Donna.  The three of us flagged down a cab to take us to our retreat.  Although we knew this place was approximately 1 hour away, and sort of west, we really didn’t know where we were going.  Well nor did the cabbie!!!  And nor did he have a GPS! Not sure how you manage to drive cab in a city like Detroit without a GPS.  So he was relying on us to look it up on our phones.  Well thanks to hubby to save the day.  I texted him to say where we were, and he was looking it up and texting back directions.  Back and forth went directions until we arrived at our destination – A Lithuanian Camp for kids!!

The setting was quaint, beautiful and peaceful.  Although the accommodation was a bit rustic, the hospitality and friendship made up for it.  We were served 3 meals a day and drank wine at night!!  I met some new friends and some old ones!  We felted all day, and laughed all night!

I learnt a lot of new stuff, and I am re-energized to work and put these learnings into my art.  I will keep you posted on new stuff….I promise!!!

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New work

Green pods

I have added some new images of the pods that I have been creating since taking Andrea’s workshop.  Click on “Portfolio” in my website menu and then select the “New work – Pods” link to view the images.  Come back often as I will continue to add more.

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In the fall of last year I had the opportunity to take a online workshop with felt artist Andrea Graham.  We spent a couple of weekends together and I learnt her process of creating her wonderful pods.  Andrea is a real inspiration to me, and it was a pleasure to learn from her.  The goal for the workshop was to design a pod, and then Andrea would guide me in the process of making it.  Well those who know me, when I take a workshop, I always want to learn more, more and more.  So I took it upon myself to make 3 pods so that I could incorporate all of the techniques that Andrea uses.  Here are my pods from the workshop.

First pod created in workshop with Andrea.

Second pod created in workshop with Andrea.

Third pod created in workshop with Andrea

In my next post, I will show you the pods that I have been creating since Andrea’s class.

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